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Grange Veterinary Clinic offers thorough and affordable veterinary consultations 6 days a week, Monday through to Saturday. If you’re concerned about your pet’s health, if they’ve injured themselves, or to arrange a general check-up for your pet, please call us to make an appointment. At our practice, standard vet consultations are 15 minutes long – if you think you might need more time with the vet, let our friendly front desk staff know when you are making a booking.

What happens in a standard veterinary consultation?

Our expert vet will physically examine your pet in a gentle and calm manner, aiming to keep stress levels to a minimum. A complimentary liver treat is always given after the examination to stimulate a positive response to the veterinary environment.

We will thoroughly examine your pet for the medical issues you are concerned about while also checking for any other signs of concern. If we can, we’ll treat the problem right away, but sometimes further testing will be required such as radiographs or blood tests – which we can do in-house to allow for quick and convenient diagnoses.

Regular Pet Health Checks

Regular health checks are beneficial for your pet through out all stages of their lives. In these health checks, the vet can potentionally identify health issues that you were otherwise unaware of. Health checks that we recommend include:

  • Annual health checks are recommended for all pets
  • New puppy and kitten health checks
  • Post adoption health checks after acquiring a new pet
  • Adolescent health checks prior to desexing
  • Dental health checks
  • Senior health checks for pets over 7 years of age

To book your pet in for a health check or a general vet consultation, call Grange Veterinary Clinic today.

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