Dr Philip Ritchie Bsc, BVMS (Hons)

Phil Ritchie Grange Veterinary Clinic


I graduated from Murdoch University in Western Australia in 1994. After moving to SA in 1996 and working elsewhere for a while a position at the Grange Veterinary Clinic opened up. A short while later I switched from being an employee to working for myself. After all this time I still love coming to work and helping keep my animal patients healthy and happy. I also enjoy getting to work with my lovely wife, Annette, who helps me run the clinic. Annette and I are proud servants of our two cats, Butters, a Lilac Burmese, and Sammy, a Tawny Somali.

Annette Ritchie

Anette Ritchie

Veterinary Practice Manager

I grew up in a semi rural area with farm animals and a horse plus the usual cat and dog and have always wanted to work with animals. I started working at the clinic in 2007 as the junior vet nurse. Now I am the Practice Manager but I still love the nursing side of the job the most.


Veterinary Nurse

I am a fully qualified Veterinary nurse and have been since 2016. Working with animals has always been my dream and I feel very lucky to live this dream every day. In my spare time I love dog training, horse riding and anything animal related. At home I have two beautiful pets, a rescued dog named Bear and a Cat named Kitty, who I saved from a car yard in Ardrossan. Both are very spoilt and loved.


Veterinary Nurse

Many of you would know me already. I am a fully qualified Veterinary nurse and have been here for 30 plus years, so I’m a part of the furniture! Pet wise over the years I have had a wide variety from mice, guinea pigs, birds, possums, dogs, cats, hermit crabs and fish. I’m always smiling and happy to help.

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